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IG Patient Monitor XPseries Modular

Patient monitors

Based on a plug-and-play modular structure, monitoring functions can be quickly adjusted according to your specific clinical requirements. An intuitive interface with configurable user modes and easy to use functions helps you to save time and improve overall patient care.

  • Displays up to 13 waveforms at once
  • Resting 12-channel ECG analysis
  • Easy drug calculation interface
  • S-T segment analysis and more than 23 types of arrhythmia analysis
  • Bed to bed view for comfortable patient visit
  • Visual and audible alarms
  • Defibrillator discharge protection
Display: Type Brilliant TFT Display 12“/15“
Recorder: Type Thermal array recorder
Data storage: Short trend - Trend window time 4min, 40min, 2h
Data storage: long Trend - Trend window time 4h, 16h, 32h, 48h
Respiration (Resp) Monitoring: Measuring method Trans-thoracic; impedance method; Lead I and Lead II#
ECG Monitoring: Input mode 3-lead ECG input (optional); 5-lead ECG input (standard); 12-lead ECG input (optional)
ECG Monitoring: Alarm limit - Adult 15bpm~300bpm
ECG Monitoring: Alarm limit - Pedi & neonate 15bpm~350bpm
ECG Monitoring: Alarm limit - Resolution ± 1bpm
Technical data: SpO2 Monitoring - Range 0 % ~ 100 %
Technical data: NIBP Monitoring - Systolic pressure (mmHg) - Adult 40~270
Technical data: NIBP Monitoring - Systolic pressure (mmHg) - Pedi 40~200
Technical data: NIBP Monitoring - Systolic pressure (mmHg) - Neonate 40~135
Temperature (TEMP) Monitoring: Channel number 2 channels
IBP Monitoring (optional): Measuring method Invasive direct measuring
CO2 Monitoring (optional): Measuring mode Sidestream type (support 50ml pumping rate), mainstream type
Standard parameters ECG, RESP. SpO2, NIBP, TEMP, PR
Optional 12-lead ECG, IBP, EtCO2, AG, CO, CSM, BIS, VGA, Wifi, recorder