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IG Patient Monitor XPseries Compact

Patient monitors

Our XP Series compact patient monitor has extensive capabilities to get the needed information for patients in a simple accurate way. In addition, It can provide accurate readings for all​ other functions by adding extra internal modules.

  1. 5High-resolution TFT touch screen
  • with auto screen layout 
  1. High storage capacity
  • Up to 2 hours single-channel ECG data storage

  • Up to 480h trend/graphic storage and review

  1. Rechargeable and exchangeable battery
  • up to 10 hours of working time
  1. Suitable for adult, pediatric and neonatal patients

  • Displays up to 13 waveforms at once
  • Resting 12-channel ECG analysis
  • Easy drug calculation interface
  • S-T segment analysis and more than 23 types of arrhythmia analysis
  • Bed to bed view for comfortable patient visit
  • Visual and audible alarms
  • Defibrillator discharge protection
Display: Type Brilliant TFT Display 12“/15“
Recorder: Type Thermal array recorder
Data storage: Short trend - Trend window time 4min, 40min, 2h
Data storage: long Trend - Trend window time 4h, 16h, 32h, 48h
Respiration (Resp) Monitoring: Measuring method Trans-thoracic; impedance method; Lead I and Lead II#
ECG Monitoring: Input mode 3-lead ECG input (optional); 5-lead ECG input (standard); 12-lead ECG input (optional)
ECG Monitoring: Alarm limit - Adult 15bpm~300bpm
ECG Monitoring: Alarm limit - Pedi & neonate 15bpm~350bpm
ECG Monitoring: Alarm limit - Resolution ± 1bpm
Technical data: SpO2 Monitoring - Range 0 % ~ 100 %
Technical data: NIBP Monitoring - Systolic pressure (mmHg) - Adult 40~270
Technical data: NIBP Monitoring - Systolic pressure (mmHg) - Pedi 40~200
Technical data: NIBP Monitoring - Systolic pressure (mmHg) - Neonate 40~135
Temperature (TEMP) Monitoring: Channel number 2 channels
IBP Monitoring (optional): Measuring method Invasive direct measuring
CO2 Monitoring (optional): Measuring mode Sidestream type (support 50ml pumping rate), mainstream type
Standard parameters ECG, RESP. SpO2, NIBP, TEMP, PR
Optional 12-lead ECG, IBP, EtCO2, AG, CO, CSM, BIS, VGA, Wifi, recorder