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IG Operating Light LAMseries (New)

Surgical lights

The IG LAM III families set new standards (New Generation):

Innovative lighting technology combined with more functionality and comfort saves surgical time and enables high-performing surgeries.

IG Medical state-of-the-art surgical theatre lights and video systems offer excellent illumination wherever they are used. Outstanding features, intuitive handling and a future-proof system. We eliminate unnecessary features by offering you an extremely powerful light engine, an intuitive control system and future upgradeability. The functional design and lightweight construction help you perform exceptionally. 


Some Leading Quality Features:

  1. Powerful Optical System with QUAD LED technology
    Advanced Optical System (AOS) designed by most innovative European engineers ensures best visibility and workplace comfort for leading surgical teams.

  2. Energy-Efficiency
    We have reduced the energy consumption of surgical lights to a minimum while ensuring highest lighting outputs. The results are incredible: Cold light head and lowest consumption

  3. Greater independence
    Sterilisable multi-functional and intuitively used handle saves important time during surgery and ensures greater independence

  4. Upgrading made simple
    To meet the rising demands of an ever-changing marketplace we offer technologies that are upgradeable without any interruptions of your operating room and procedures

  • Latest LED QUAD technology for homogeneous warm/cold mixing behind the lens

  • Extremely Flat Design for Best Hygiene

  • Multi-Facetted Lens System (MFLS) for homogeneous lighting distribution at surface and depth of cavity

  • Avoiding colour shadow

  • Electronic Focusing with Dual Lens System

  • Provide comfortable surgery environment

  • Low power consumption & heat emission

  • Long working life, high reliability, and lower costs

  • Optimal cleaning and disinfection conditions
  • Lighting depth regulation

  • Lightweight construction (aluminium housing)

  • Controlling & sterile handle at the multifunction handle

  • Endo mode for different MIS environments

  • Excellent colour restoration

  • OR adapted colour rendering

  • Large, homogeneous surface illumination

  • Detachable handle of high-strength material

  • Outstanding optical performance

  • Optional with HD or 4K wireless camera



Style complete metalhead
Handle Streamline metal handle
Thickness Super-Slim , Only 6.5cm thickness
Theory LED bulb, Color mixing in lens
Luminance 40KLUX~160KLUX,10 steps
Color Temp 3500K/3900K/4300K/4700K/5100K,
Depth of illuminance ≥1400mm(20%),≥710mm(60%)
Dia. Of light spot 180mm-300mm Electrical adjust
Ra 96
R9 95
Distribution of 70%
Shadowless Intelligent shadow management (Optional)
LED working life 60000h
Handle controller Control illuminance,color temp and focus
Detachable Camera Camera can be interchangeable with handle
Controlling mode 1. Handle controller - 2. Touch screen controller - 3. Wireless controller
Endo-mode 4000~8000lx,five steps
Boost Mode Increase illuminance temporarily
Window Glass Enhanced Plexiglass
Light head Complete Aluminum , durable and good