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IG Operating Table___ TAB-300

Surgical tables

The electrohydraulic TAB Series surgical table provides great performance due to its electric hydraulic system, strong lifting force, excellent stability, and C-arm compatible features. With its modular tabletop and comprehensive range of accessories, the electro-hydraulic table can be configured for each surgical procedure and for all patient sizes in the best possible way.

It provides open access to the operated area and creates excellent working economics for the surgical team without compromising on patient safety. All electro-hydraulic adjustments are controlled via user-friendly hand controls, either wireless or wired, or foot control units

  1. Stable hydraulic system
  • Loading capacity up to 300kg
  1. Two independent controlling systems
  • Handheld controller
  • Wireless controller
  • Emergency panel
  1. Fast connections
  • Efficient and ergonomic

  • Tabletop up to 6 sections  

  • High-quality stainless steel body 

  • Multi-layer foam: Waterproof, antibacterial, and antistatic

  • Intelligent battery management system
  • Integrated kidney elevator: Up to 120mm
  • Ultra-low setting table system: For comfort operating
  • Wide range of accessories: Including carbon fiber plate option

Table top length 2050mm
Table top width 520mm
Lowest height 700mm / 550mm*
Max height 1050mm / 900mm*
Trendelenberg / rev. 30° / 30°
Tilt (left / right) 20° / 20°
Sliding 350mm
Flex / Reflex 95° / 225°
Back plate up 75°
Back plate down 35°
Head plate up 46°
Head plate down 90°
Leg plate up 15°
Leg plate down 90°
Leg plate outwards 90°
Kidney elevator 120mm
Max. working load up to 300 kg