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IG Operating Light LAMseries-LAMII

Surgical lights

Our LAM Series surgical lights with advanced LED technology provide excellent illumination, a long service life to give you full support in OR.

For homogenous light in the surgery area, the streamlined ultra-thin design is optimized for Laminar flow.


  1. Compact design with shadowless lighting

  2. Controlling & sterile handle at the multifunction handle
  3. Adjustable illumination color temperature

  4. Up to 160Klux

  5. Electric and manual focusing

  6. Low power consumption and advanced energy control system

  7. More than 50,000h effective working life

  8. Optional: HD & 4k camera, TFT monitor, wall control panel

  • Low power consumption & heat emission

  • User-friendly control concept

  • Long working life, high reliability, and lower costs

  • Optimal cleaning and disinfection conditions

  • Compact design for easy operation

  • Lighting depth regulation

  • Lightweight construction (aluminium housing)

  • Endo mode for different MIS environments

  • Excellent colour restoration

  • OR adapted colour rendering

  • Large, homogeneous surface illumination

  • Detachable handle of high-strength material

  • Outstanding optical performance

  • Optional with HD or 4K wireless camera

Technology LED
Color temp.k 3500 4000 4500 5000 (optional)
Luminance (Lux) 40klx,Ec,160klx
Focusable light field size (mm) 200-300
Diameter lamp housing (mm) 600
MIS endoscopy lighting White light
Depth of light (mm) > 1000
Color of rendering index CRI (Ra) > 95
Red color rendering index (R9) > 92
Light head power comsumption < 80w
Working life (hours) 60,000