Our Products

Our products improve the outcome and the quality of clinical care. All products meet the international standards but at the same time they are cost effective. “Quality is our priority” and this is what counts.

Patient Monitors

Our patient monitors have been developed and designed to meet every clinical requirements and allowing to access the saved data where and whenever they are needed.

With their lightweight, powerful features and intuitive user interface, they  are the optimal choice for acute care. Their mobility functions such as a powerful batterysystem enable the medical staff to carry and use them in difficult situations like in ambulance cars.


Our ECGs provide rapid and accurate analyses plus diagnoses for adults, children and newborn with wider frequency response.

  • Easy and friendly to use
  • Paperless process
  • Waterproof alphanumeric keyboard
  • Big colour  display with  high-resolution
  • Splitting design ECG cable for easy and economic service
  • Local storage with high capacity

Electrosurgical units

Our high-quality electrosurgical units are designed to meet all needs of the medical staff with ideal functions for highly complex surgical procedures in different fields such as:


  • Laparoscopy 
  • Endoscopy
  • Cardiac surgery
  • and more


Surgical tables

Our operating tables have  been developed to fulfill the surgical requirements, with complete exposed surgical area, and to facilitate the safe stable patient movements. All our models offer comprehensive functionalities and an excellent stability

Surgical lights

All our surgical lights offer advanced lighting technologies to provide excellent and shadow-less illumination and provide of course a long service life, to give full support in mostly all OR fields.

Further products

For further information about our other product lines, please contact us:

Gastroenterology: endocure@endocure.de

Diagnostics: diagnostics@ig-technology.de