Surgical LED light

Surgical light (LAM LED Series)

Our LAM Series surgical lights with advanced LED technology provide excellent illumination, a long service life to give you fully support in OR.

For homogenous light in surgery area, the streamline ultrathin design is optimized for Laminar flow.


  • Compact design with shadow less lighting
  • Adjustable illumination colour temperature
  • Up to 160Klux
  • Electric and manual focusing
  • Low power consumption and advanced energy control system
  • More than 50,000h effective working life
  • Optional: HD camera, TFT monitor, wall control panel

LAM LED Series models:


Video/Education system

Mobile (backup system)



Low power consumption

The LED technology used in LAM LED II is enviroment friendly
and each light head consumes less then 80 watts only.


Low heat emission

The LED element with lowest heat emission features cool light characteristics ensuring that the surgical field temperature rises are very low.


Long working life, high reliability and lower costs

With up to 60,000 hours eective working life, the LED II can extremely reduce the hospitals maintenance costs. Additional to that the LED II comes with high reliability as it adopts top-level LED modules.


Compact design for easy operation

LAM Series LED Type is easy for cleaning and can save more space though its streamline and ultrathin appearance design. With 360° rotation and light arm. LAM Series LED II ensures the light to be moved easily and freely.


Lighting depth regulation

The central illumination and light spot can be adjusted with the touchscreen control panel. The excellent lighting depth and shadowless effect, guarantees a pleasant working enviroment and Focus system makes the operations under different lighting depth and conditions more convenient


Fcous system

The LAM Series LED type comes with two focusing systems to guarantee a reliable and easy working environment:
– Electric focusing with control display
– Manual focusing with handle


Controlling handle

Manual adjustment of dierent parameters:
– Luminance
– Color temperature
– Light field


Endo mode for different MIS environment

The endo mode is an integral feature in the medical field. It creates a comfortable working environment for the medical staff. The LED II MIS endoscopic light can be deliverd in two colors white or green.


Excellent color restoration

The light can satisfy dierent spot requirements through its special optical soware design; the unique spectral optical filter ensures the correct high restoration light.


Outstanding optical performance

Different color temperature selections A:4500 ; B3500 4000 4500 5000 (optional). Better rendering index and clear tissue visualization can help surgeons to distinguish between pathological and healthy tissue. Adjustable illumination (Lux): up to 160K Lux maximum with field of view diameter > 25cm. Depth of illumination: more than 1000mm according to IEC 60601-2-41 edition. Color rendering index (Ra): <95. Outstanding R9 Value for true red color rendition, maximum up to 98. The focusing function diameter of light spot (mm) could be electronically / manually adjusted between 150 – 300mm (Light field
d50 120mm).


Detachable handle of high strength material

The detachable handle made of special material can be sterilized in 135°C autoclave 135 C more than 3000 times


Full HD camera

The optional HD camera forfills the highest standards in the medical field. The high resolution of 1920×1080 pixels and an optical zoom of max 120x allows to record very sharp videos to display on external screens in education centers.