Product features:

  • Mobile operating table represents convenient design and maximum flexibility for general surgery
  • Its modular construction with a wide range of posture possibilities offers comfort and operational efficiency for the whole surgical team
  • With the comprehensive selection of accessories the table can be adjusted to meet most requirements for different surgical procedures
  • Electric motor(actuator)
  • Reliable and easy maintenance
  • No oil leakage and low noise
  • Fully electric controlled with position sensor
  • Easy operation with „Reset“, „Flex“ and „Re-flex2 button
  • Easy to move and lock firmly
  • Easy cleaning and anti-bacteria
  • Integrated kidney elevator
  • Build-in back up battery
  • Multi-layer memory foam pad with PU cover
  • High frequency welding
  • Water proof, stain resistant, anti static and easy cleaning
  • High strength image-compatible table board