Product features:

Up to 400Watt output power, much more efficient than low frequency, produces less heat, not to mention sparkle, resulting in less burFFned tissue. Absolute output power at every mode of Coagulation, Blend, Bipolar like variable power of general ESU.  It minimizes the carbonization and second bleeding by adhesion of the tissue. 

User can save or open their frequently used data/favorite programs up to 100 programmable memory locations with several touch motions.

  • High resolution touch screen control
  • Fast healing with excellent results. 
  • Provides smooth cuts with optimal performance on adipose tissues
  • Complex patient protect system for more safety
  • REM system
  • 2 Monopolar output
  • Various Cutting
  • Coagulation and Bipolar Modes
  • Spray coagulation fuction
  • Large vessel sealing system
  • Endo Mode
  • Bipolar Cutting Mode