MAX Series - MAX V

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Product features:

Designed to meet all your needs in assisting surgical team for hospitals, operating room, and office-based procedures. Ideal cut and coagulation functions for highly complex surgical procedures in different fields. Access to convenient surgery is made easier with monopolar cut, monopolar coagulation, and bipolar coagulation.


  • Output power up to 400W
  • Much more efficient than low frequency, produces less heat, not to mention sparkle, resulting in less burned tissue
  • Fast healing with excellent results
  • Provides smooth cuts with optimal performance on adipose tissues
  • Absolute output power at every mode of Coagulation, Blend, Bipolar like variable power of general ESU.  It minimizes the carbonization and second bleeding by adhesion of the tissue
  • Complex  Patient protect system for more safety
  • 2 Monopolar output
  • Various Cutting, Coagulation and Bipolar Modes
  • Spray Coagulation Function